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Cheek Enhancement

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What is cheek enhancement?

We have a non-surgical alternative if you want cheek enhancements. We use dermal fillers which give you the smooth, youthful look you want without having surgery. If you want to recover the lost volume in your cheeks or enhance your cheekbones, then using dermal fillers is a safer and faster procedure.

What does dermal filler do?

Dermal filler plumps, enhances contours and soften facial creases. Over time the muscles in our faces are closer to the skins surface, due to the loss of subcutaneous fat. This means lines and wrinkles become more pronounced. Volume is also lost from the face because of the skin stretching, lifestyle and sun damage also has an effect.

Why are dermal fillers better than implants?

If you have implants you will need to have surgery with all the risks that it entails. Implants may move out of place which will be uncomfortable and look odd. There may be scarring and the risk of nerve damage. It will mean you have to take time off work and the recovery period is longer. Dermal Fillers are completely reversable so you can change your mind or look over time.

How is it administered?

The procedure is almost painless, we use a topical numbing cream to numb the skin first to help with any possible pain. We use a long, fine needle filled with the filler gels and inject them just above your cheekbone. We also sometimes use a canula depending on the look required which is also almost painless and very quick.

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