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    8th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    9th Chester (Naomi Chantelle) Holly
    10th Kent (The Salon Experience) Chantelle
    10th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Holly
    10th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    11th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    11th Nottingham (W Creative) Stacey
    12th Manchester (Nyah Cafe) Jennie
    12th Essex, Loughton (Krystalised) Chantelle
    15th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    16th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Holly
    17th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Chantelle
    17th Sheffield (Sistachic) Stacey
    17th Bristol (City Centre) Holly
    18th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    18th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey
    18th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Holly
    19th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    19th Newcastle (Salon G) Stacey
    21st London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    21st Manchester (Nyah Cafe) Stacey
    22nd Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    22nd Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    23rd Kent (The Salon Experience) Chantelle
    23rd Bristol (City Centre) Stacey
    28th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    30th Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Chantelle


    2nd Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Chantelle
    4th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    6th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Holly
    7th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    7th Sheffield (Sistachic) Stacey
    7th Bristol (City Centre) Holly
    8th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Chantelle
    8th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey
    9th Newcastle (Salon G) Stacey
    9th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    9th Essex, Loughton (Krystalised) Chantelle
    12th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    13th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    13th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Holly
    14th Manchester (Nyah Cafe) Stacey
    14th Kent (The Salon Experience) Chantelle
    14th Chester (Naomi Chantelle) Holly
    15th Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Chantelle
    15th Nottingham (W Creative) Stacey
    16th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    16th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    19th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    20th Newcastle (Salon G) Stacey
    20th London (Lash Station) Holly
    21st Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Chantelle
    21st Essex, Loughton (Krystalised) Holly
    21st Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    22nd London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    22nd Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey
    23rd Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    25th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    26th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Jennie
    27th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Holly
    28th Manchester (Nyah Cafe) Stacey
    28th London (Lash Station) Holly
    29th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    29th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    30th Kent (The Salon Experience) Chantelle
    30th Sheffield (Sistachic) Stacey


    1st London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    3rd Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Holly
    4th Newcastle (Salon G) Stacey
    4th Bristol (City Centre) Holly
    4th Essex, Loughton (Krystalised) Chantelle
    5th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    5th Sheffield (Sistachic) Stacey
    6th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Chantelle
    6th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    6th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey
    10th Chester (Naomi Chantelle) Holly
    10th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    11th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    11th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    11th Manchester (Nyah Cafe) Holly
    12th Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Chantelle
    12th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    13th Nottingham (W Creative) Stacey
    13th Kent (The Salon Experience) Chantelle
    16th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    16th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    17th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Chantelle
    17th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey
    17th London (Lash Station) Holly
    18th Newcastle (Salon G) Stacey
    18th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    18th Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Holly
    19th London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    20th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    23rd London (Lash Station) Chantelle
    23rd Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Jennie
    24th Kent (The Salon Experience) Chantelle
    24th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Holly
    25th Sheffield (Sistachic) Stacey
    25th London (Lash Station) Holly
    26th Manchester (Nyah Cafe) Stacey
    26th Essex, Loughton (Krystalised) Chantelle
    27th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey
    27th Liverpool (Oh Darlin) Holly

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