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Below we have outlined our existing appointment schedule. To book, please contact us by phone, text, or through our Facebook page




3rd London (Charter House Clinic) Holly​​​

4th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​​

4th Essex (Strawberry Glow, Woodford) Holly​​​

7th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​​​

7th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​​

8th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Holly​​​

9th Essex (Strawberry Glow, Woodford) Becky​​​

9th Bristol (City Centre) Holly​​​

10th Kent (The Salon Experience) Becky​​​​​​​

14th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​​​

15th Chester (Naomi Chantelle)​ Holly​​​​

16th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) ​​Holly​​​​

17th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Bonnie​​​

18th Manchester (Miki Makeup & co)​​ Jennie​​​

18th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Holly​​​

18th London (Charter House Clinic) Becky​​​

21st London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​​​

21st Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

21st Nottingham (W Creative) Stacey​​​​​​​​

22nd Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Becky​​​

22nd Sheffield (Style Bar) Stacey​​​​​​​​

22nd London (Charter House Clinic) Holly​​​

23rd Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey​​​​

23rd London (Charter House Clinic) Becky​​​

23rd London (Charter House Clinic) Holly​​​

24th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​​

25th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey​​​​

28th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Bonnie​​​

28th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​​

29th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​​

29th Kent (The Salon Experience) Becky​​​​​​​

30th Manchester (Miki Makeup & co)​ Stacey​​​

31st Newcastle (Longlox) Stacey​​​​​​​​

31st London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​​

31st London (Charter House Clinic) Becky​

1st Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

1st Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Becky​​​

1st London (Charter House Clinic) Stacey​​

3rd London (Charter House Clinic) Becky​​

4th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​

5th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey​​​​

5th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Holly​​

6th Sheffield (Style Bar) Stacey​​​​​​​​

6th Kent (The Salon Experience) Becky​​​​​​​

7th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​​

8th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Stacey​​

11th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​

11th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

11th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​​

11th Essex (Strawberry Glow, Woodford) Becky​​​

12th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​​

12th Chester (Naomi Chantelle)​ Holly​​​​

13th Manchester (Miki Makeup & co)​​ Stacey​​

13th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Holly​​

14th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​

14th Newcastle (Longlox) Stacey​​​​​​​​

15th London (Charter House Clinic) Becky​​

17th London (Charter House Clinic) Stacey​​

18th London (Charter House Clinic) Stacey​​

19th Sheffield (Style Bar) Stacey​​​​​​​​

19th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Holly​​

20th Nottingham (W Creative) Stacey​​​​​​​​

20th Bristol (City Centre) Holly​​​

20th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Becky​​

25th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​

25th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

26th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​

26th London (Charter House Clinic) Holly​​

27th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​​

27th Essex (Strawberry Glow, Woodford) Holly​​​

28th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​​

28th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey​​

29th Newcastle (Longlox) Stacey​​​​​​​​

29th Manchester (Miki Makeup & co)​​ Jennie ​​

29th Kent (The Salon Experience) Becky​​​​​​​

2nd London (Charter House Clinic) Becky​​

3rd London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​

3rd Kent (The Salon Experience) Becky​​​​​​​

4th Manchester (Miki Makeup & co)​​ Holly​

4th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​

5th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

5th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​

5th Chester (Naomi Chantelle)​ Holly​​​​

6th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey​​

7th Sheffield (Style Bar) Stacey​​​​​​​​

11th Manchester (Miki Makeup & co)​​ Stacey​

11th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Holly​

12th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​

12th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Becky​​

12th London (Charter House Clinic) Holly​

13th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​

13th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​

14th Essex (Strawberry Glow, Woodford) Becky​

14th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

14th Newcastle (Longlox) Stacey​​​​​​​​

16th London (Charter House Clinic) Stacey​

17th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​

17th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

17th Essex (Strawberry Glow, Woodford) Stacey​

18th London (Charter House Clinic) Stacey​

18th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Holly​

19th Sheffield (Style Bar) Stacey​​​​​​​​

19th Bristol (City Centre) Holly​​​

24th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​

24th London (Charter House Clinic) Holly​

25th Essex (Strawberry Glow, Woodford) Holly​

25th Newcastle (Longlox) Stacey​​​​​​​​

26th Kent (The Salon Experience) Becky​​​​​​​

26th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​

27th London (Charter House Clinic) Bonnie​

27th Birmingham HUSH (City Centre) Stacey​

27th Hertfordshire (Glam by Polly) Becky​​

27th Liverpool (Oh Darlin)​​​ Jennie​​​

28th Leeds (Dickybow Boutique) Stacey​​

28th Manchester (Miki Makeup & co)​​ Jennie​

31st Nottingham (W Creative) Stacey​​​​​​​​

31st Essex (Ivory, Brentwood) Becky​