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If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve had lip fillers before (see my first experience). I last got them done in February time, but I opted for 0.5ml. I wanted to try them out, see how they looked, see how they reacted etc. before getting anything more. I loved them when I got them done, it was so subtle but I knew the difference and felt better in myself, which is the whole purpose. But they must have worn off over the last 2 months or so, as I saw some photos of me recently and noticed I had no lips again! So I booked my now second appointment at Flawless Cosmetic, but this time for 1ml. I knew the difference between 0.5ml and 1ml wouldn’t have been hugely drastic of a change, but I just wanted to see how I would look with fuller lips again.

I do think there is a lot more pressure with how to look now than what they used to be, and fillers or cosmetic procedures may not be everyone’s answer. But for me it’s a way to make me feel that little bit more confident in myself, which makes a big difference to my everyday life and how I act. If I feel more comfortable in myself, I don’t hold myself back as much and enjoy myself more (rather than worrying what I look like).

Now I planned this appointment a lot better than last time, my last appointment was after a week of drinking in Germany woops. So if you have had alcohol within 48 hours before your appointment, there is more of a chance you will bruise from the procedure. For me, I bruise like a peach anyway and I bleed and swell through all my tattoos so I know how my body reacts. But everyone will react differently to fillers, so you need to prepare to have swollen lips or bruising etc for a few days afterwards. It can all be covered with some make up anyway, and the chance is half the people won't even realise anyway!

I always love my appointments at Flawless Cosmetics, Stacey is always so lovely and friendly as soon as you get there. You get given a fact sheet about the procedure, information about what can happen and a sheet to take away for the after care. Aftercare is really important if you want something to last, it’s the same with tattoos - if you don’t look after them they won’t heal as perfectly as you want.

Before you go in for your fillers, Stacey will apply numbing cream over your lips. For me this is a godsend, makes it completely painless and stops me from squeaming. Who'd have thought you can be scared of needles when you have tattoos? You do look ever so slightly weird sitting in the waiting room with it smothered on your face however! When you go in for your fillers, she will ask what you want to achieve with the fillers. For me it’s the fact my top lip is the size of a strawberry lace, so I want a fuller top lip, but for them to be nice and even and in proportion.

Before and after

The procedure itself takes about 5-10 minutes, so it really is over in a flash. I had about 6-8 injections in my top lip to make it fuller and around 4 in my bottom to keep them even. Don’t get me wrong, just because your numb doesn’t mean you can’t feel anything, but it makes it a lot easier. For me it’s just uncomfortable but not painful, which I can deal with. This comes from someone who hates getting tattoos too so (and I have loads haha).

I swell pretty much instantly, as that’s just how my body reacts. But as long as you ice them a few times a day (for no more than 10 minutes) and then swelling will go down in no time. Remember to not take any ibuprofen or paracetamol as this will increase your chances of brushing and also will not assist with the swelling.

Before and after

After 24 hours you can start to wear make up again, hallelujah! As I bruise, I have to wear foundation etc to cover it and some lipstick to cover my bruised lips. But I always find it really easy to cover!

At around 24-48 hours, this is when your aftercare comes into play. You need to keep them clean so they don’t get infected, but you also need to massage them. Sounds very weird, but massaging them makes sure the filler stays even in your lips and stops it for going quite hard. It’s a little bit uncomfortable with your being bruised, but really makes a difference. You don’t want any lumps!

Your lips will take about a week to completely settle, I always feel like they’re humongous the first week. But in reality when you look in the mirror, they’re really not! They do take a little getting used to if it’s your first time. I feel like drinking out of a straw is a new thing all over again. But you soon forget they’re even there, so don’t worry or overthink it.

I do love my new lips, and I think I’ll keep getting 1ml as they still look natural but a lot fuller than my first 0.5ml. For me, I wouldn’t go much bigger as I think these are a suitable size for my face proportion. But everyone is different, some people may need more to be even, or only need 0.5ml as they have quite a full pout already.

If it’s something you have a complex about like I do, I would really recommend it. It makes me feel so much better in how I look and it isn’t a huge drastic change! I would also really recommend Flawless Cosmetic, they're always so nice and accommodating!


Have you ever thought about getting fillers?

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