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LOL couldn't resist that title. So I wanted to talk about my experience getting lip fillers for the FIRST TIME. I finally plucked up the nerve to get my lips plumped up. As with a lot of girls, my lips have always been an insecurity of mine so for the last few years I've been endlessly researching and looking for the perfect place to go, and coming to the decision on whether to take the step or not. After a few thoughts of 'oh god what I look a right kn*b' I decided that I might as well give it a go - at the end of the day its not a permanent procedure and can easily be undone if I decided it wasn't for me. I'd been eyeing up and lusting after the lips of many (that sounds really weird huh?) of Flawless Cosmetic's customers on Insta (like you do) and so I booked in and here we are! It's been around 4 weeks since the appointment and they are now fully healed.

Directly before the lip filler

Straight after the lip filler

Above are the before and afters. I decided to go for 1ml the first time as from researching a lot into it that seemed the best option to see a difference without being like 'WOAH she's had her lips done'. Most of the 1ml was injected into the top lip and then a small amount in the bottom to even them out, as I already had a fairly fuller bottom lip. I wanted to make sure definition was kept in my cupids bow as that was one thing I was worried about losing when I had fillers, but Stacey was really helpful and injected so that I wouldn't lose the original shape of the bow.

Day of - A few hours after

Side profile - Afternoon of

Not pouting here guys I promise haha - the afternoon following the appointment (and for the next day or so) my lips did swell up a little and I started to see a little bruising but nothing to what I was imagining. I expected them to puff up and have ginormous fish lips (so much so I took the following day off work!) but they didn't at all. Yes they were swollen but only slightly, I guess everyone reacts differently - I'm one of the lucky ones! One thing to note if you are also thinking of getting fillers - the shape they go after is not the final result. Mine went slightly lopsided while heeling but they are completely symmetrical now.

One funny thing that I was NOT expecting to happen while they were heeling - I couldn't suck through a straw or whistle. This may not seem a big deal but to me (who sucks through a straw EVERY DAY and likes annoying people by whistling all the time - IT WAS A BIG DEAL. Haha - I can happily say that my sucking and whistling abilities are back on top form (no pun intended).

thought I'd show you a proper 'before and after' so you can see difference - looking at them makes me realise how insecure I was about the space between my top lip and my nose. I know that sounds stupid but it always really bothered me, and now there's more volume in my top lip that gap is obviously marginally smaller so win win! I am so so happy with the outcome you can't believe - I was so nervous as I've never had anything like this done before and I was put at ease as soon as I stepped into the room - I am completely in love with Flawless Cosmetic and can't actually wait to get them done again (not just saying that haha) - the bug has definitely hit!! Realising you can take simple steps to correcting things you might not be happy about is such a great feeling and I honestly feel so much more confident already. I am considering other procedure's and contemplating what is and what isn't something I'd be willing to try. I feel that talking about getting work done is a kind of taboo subject when it really shouldn't be. If you want to get something done and it's gonna make you feel better about yourself - why the hell not?

If you're thinking of taking the plunge and want to try out lip fillers for the first time (or already have them but want to go somewhere different next time!) I would seriously recommendFlawless Cosmetic. They were so professional and were so helpful answering the many stupid questions I had, I have definitely found my 'one'. I'll be back in a few months for my top up fo' sho'!

Shannon x


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