Flawless Cosmetic - Fat Freezing

So my loves after nearly 3 months off from blogging i’m so excited to be back, I find sometimes with blogging it can be super hard to find your flow and if you’re not feeling what your writing about then you need to just take a step back and reflect. During my little break i’ve been a busy little bee trying out loads of new things for you guys and i’m actually about to share a new thing i’ve had done recently that I’m super excited about.

Anyone else start fresh in January? New year, new me stuff? Same. I really wanted to better myself this year and get to a place with my body that I was comfortable with, I started going back to the gym, joined slimming world and drank water like it was my actual best friend. After losing 1 stone in about 3 weeks I was so happy, I felt so motivated and pleased with the progress I was making. Nothing motivates me more than knowing I have a holiday coming up so my cousin and I booked a little girly holiday away and that was when I decided to look into getting Fat freezing and came across the treatment at Flawless Cosmetic.

About | Flawless Cosmetic

Flawless Cosmetic specialise in non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments to both men and women. The treatments they provide are available at 14 locations across the UK, from Newcastle to London, and are administered by a qualified team of experienced beauticians.

Why I picked Flawless Cosmetic | Pre Treatment

With anything to do with my body I wanted to make sure I went into this knowing I had made the best decision for myself, I had been researching so much about the treatment itself and different cosmetic companies that offer it and I just knew that Flawless was right for me. A lot people have asked me why I decided to go with Flawless Cosmetic for my Fat freezing and really the decision was made because I had heard so many great reviews on the company itself. Im a strong believer in recommendations, I really admire when someone goes out of their way to make you aware that they admire what someone does. I’ve seen celebs and bloggers that I trust talking about flawless and some of friends have been into Naomi Chantelle’s Salon in Chester to have treatments with them and I’ve never heard a bad thing so making my decision was easy. I also knew I didn’t want to have anything surgical done and this was a great alternative.

Who else loves a good transformation picture? Im all for doing my research and recommendations but Im a sucker for a good transformation and thats something I wanted to see from this treatment. I was scrolling through the Flawless instagram and came across a before and after photo that shook me.

After I saw this picture I was completely sold, I sent this to my Mam and explained to her what it was and she told me there and then to book her in as well so thats exactly what I did. Obviously we knew that this wouldn’t necessarily be the type of result we would have because everyones bodies are different and take to the treatment differently but anything close was fine for us. This photo really motivated me because the area in which i’ve always struggled with is my stomach, this is due to years of operations that i’ve had to have and its effected my stomach massively. This is the reason behind why I got my fat freezing on 2 areas of my stomach. Although I went with the areas on my stomach Flawless do offer other locations for Fat Freezing such as inner and outer thigh, upper and lower abs, love handles bra or back roll and arms.

Throughout the whole process leading up to the treatment I was in contact with the girls from Flawless on instagram and they were wonderful from the start to finish, they were there to answer any questions I had and made sure I was completely happy with the whole process. This for me was so important because I wanted to know that I could contact them if I needed to and they would be there for any support that I needed, this I imagine is the same for every person that goes through Flawless for any treatment.

Fat Freezing | Flawless Cosmetic

Fat freezing is a great, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. They use one of the most advanced Cryolipolysis machines available in the UK. Using suction cups on isolated areas of fat, before ‘freezing’ the fat cells, without damaging the skin cells. The procedure, which lasts one hour, kills off the fat cells which will then naturally dissipate through our metabolic system in just twelve weeks. Up to 45% of fat cells targeted can be killed in just one treatment, but some clients may require a course. Treatments can be done every 4 weeks.

The Day of the Treatment | Flawless Cosmetic

On the day of the treatment I was super excited to actually just have the treatment because I had been building it up so much in my head and getting so excited for the outcome that I just couldn’t wait any longer. I was also really interested in finding out how the treatment would actually feel with regards to the suction cups because I just couldn’t imagine what it would feel like. The treatment itself is only available in Liverpool which was great for me as I live in Chester so it was super easy to get to the Katie Hayes Warehouse, the warehouse itself and the staff at KHM were all lovely I was in love with the interior at KHM. My appointment was at 2pm and my mums was at 3pm so we just went in together and thats when I met the lovely Rea, from the start I knew I would have an enjoyable experience because Rea was so welcoming and she made me feel so comfortable. I can’t actual thank Rea enough for being so relaxing and calming because I normally always get super self conscious showing anyone my stomach and she didn’t make me feel like that at all which was fab.

After arriving at the Flawless cosmetic room we filled out some paperwork and then Rea answered any questions we had before we began, one being what will it feel like? And honestly Rea couldn’t have expla