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Juvederm Lip Fillers with Flawless Cosmetic

There one thing I’ve always been self conscious about is my top lip, or lack of lip, that resembles a strawberry lace. It's something that has always bothered me, maybe Instagram is to blame with everyone being all toned with plump lips. But anyway, I decided it was about time I did something about it in hope it would make me feel that little bit better about myself. So last Saturday I booked myself in with Flawless Cosmetic in Gateshead to get fillers, there was so many places to choose from but my friend had got hers done here and I loved them!

As it was my first time getting fillers I only opted for the 0.55 ml fillers rather than a full 1.0 ml, I wasn't sure what they would look like with the full 1.0 ml. My top lip was my main concern rather than my bottom lip, so Stacey recommended having 5-6 injections in my top lip and 2 in the bottom lip to keep them even.

Note: Do not watch videos on Youtube, I petrified myself!

To start with when you arrive you get a fact sheet to read through which advises you on how to look after your lips once you leave. I'm glad I've got that as I know what I can and can't do for the next few weeks. Little did I know that you weren't meant to consume alcohol 48 hours before, but I had been in Cologne all week and my blood was basically German beer so wasn't the best day to have booked myself in! You can still have your lips done, even if you have within the 48 hours before, it's just advised that your bruising/swelling may be more apparent than if you hadn't.

Before they begin on your lips the nurse will apply numbing cream on your lips, it's such a strange sensation to not be able to feel your lips on your face! I didn't have any idea what I wanted them to 'look' like but just knew I wanted a more apparent top lip!

Stacey was really nice and friendly which made the experience easier, she explained everything that she was doing and why. I wouldn't say the injections were painful, as I couldn't really feel them, but the sensation is quite strange! But I don't even like getting injections at the Doctors so I'm not exactly the best patient. The procedure only lasted at most 5-10 minutes, so was over a lot quicker than I thought and you can see results pretty much straight away. It does feel really weird for the first day, your lips feel weird and numb. Mine swelled a little around the top, so I applied cold compresses every hour to try and keep it down. There wasn't much I could do with the bruising though, I looked like I had a tach shadow for 3 days but was easily covered with make up!

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