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Hollie's Review of Flawless Cosmetic

* Before and after 0.5ml on top lip only*

I’ve been in two minds about to have fillers. One side of me (my big head and ego side) convinced myself my lips were perfect and already plump enough, but when I was applying lipstick and looking back at pictures, my top lip wasn’t matching my bottom one (which was so much fuller!).

I’ve been following Flawless Cosmetic for a while. Before fillers I originally wanted a little Botox to lift up my eyebrows because one sits higher than the other. Going with my best friend to watch her get hers done, I can’t lie I didn’t go for moral support, I went to watch her in pain and try and put myself off having them done as I don’t do pain, it’s not that I don’t do it, it’s that I can’t do it!

After seeing constant pictures of really stubble and natural fillers, I messaged them and booked myself in at Polly's Make Up salon (Polly Marchant, a few of the love island, towie cast etc are also clients) where Sam would be all day. I’d previously met sam when tagging along to watch my friend, so I already felt at ease.

She gave us the numbing cream and by this point I was dribbling out the side of my mouth because as always I do stupid things and liked the cream. I think it’s the most quiet I’ve ever been, not sure if it was because I was secretly more scared of this than I was giving birth!

I explained to sam I want 0.5ml and only on my top lip, that I still wanted the same shape I had and it took as natural as possible! Now I won’t lie and say it was pain free because I’ve had more comfy experiences than letting someone jab me in the mouth with a needle, but with the numbing cream and the fact I’ve given birth to an alien vs predator-looking head child there was no comparison. It was more like when your younger sibling pinches you with the tip of their grubby little fingers and it stings more than anything but it was bearable and I have no pain threshold so if it’s the pain that’s putting you off getting it done then don’t let it!

As soon as it was done I noticed a difference. I was more in shock at how big they went for such a little amount but as the day went on they did slightly go down but I found it more difficult to eat and drink. It wasn’t impossible just more of a task, the pain as the evening went on was slightly uncomfortable. I couldn’t find an ice pack so birds eye frozen veg bag had to do and when they ran out it was ice cream. So really, that was a win-win situation! Waking up the next morning I had no pain but some slight bruising, no more swelling and I could smile again, Not that I smile much!

Overall, I am glad and really pleased with my results and I do feel more confident. Not that confidence has ever been an issue for me, but I do recommend if you are thinking about making the same choice please please do your research about what you want doing, who you want it with and will you still be happy. After changing one thing about your body, it won’t give you a happily ever after or all remove all of your problems, but don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with YOUR body!

I went with Flawless Cosmetic because I did my research and could see how professional and recommended they are. If your paying cheap or for someone who isn’t qualified, you are risking your health and complications when it comes to things like fillers or Botox. They are not something you want to mess around with so I can only recommend Flawless Cosmetic from personal experience and other recommendations from my own friends who have it done!

* I have not been paid for this, these out my own personal views to advise and give my reviews on my experience*

Before (top two) After (bottom two).

Straight after treatment

48 hours after treatment

48 hours after treatment


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