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My second experience with lip fillers - Lauren Plester

Disclaimer: I am writing these posts so that anyone who is interested in getting lip fillers can see my experience and the kind of results you can get from various amounts of lip filler. I hope everyone has had a good week! I have been working at my new job but had a few pamper sessions last week after finishing my first year at university. So one of my pamper sessions involved going to get my lips done for the second time at Chloe's Beauty Bar in Brentwood. I decided that my lips were a bit smaller than I wanted them to be, even after the first 1ml of filler and they were beginning to become flat after the previous filler had relaxed into my lips. I love the turned up, slightly pouted look, and so decided to get another 1ml put into my lips. This is more than people would usually get for a top up, as a top up involves adding filler to maintain the size and shape. However, I wanted to add to the size and shape I already had and wanted my lips bigger, especially on the top. It has been about 4 months since I had my first lip fillers, and although there was definitely still a difference without the filler, I wanted them even bigger. In the comparison photo below, you can see the instant before and after. The top photo was taken just before applying the numbing cream, and the after photo is about 10 minutes after I had had the filler inserted. Before and immediately after:

2 weeks after - still a tad swollen:

2 weeks after (from the side):

For anyone who has recently had lip fillers or is considering getting them done, remember that it is vital to follow the recommended aftercare, such as massaging your lips. I had a few small lumps form on my bottom lip and I had to apply pressure to the lumps for a number of minutes to get them to dissolve (and eventually they did).

I definitely prefer the look of bigger lips and although I should follow the recommended time period of 6-12 months and now only get 0.5ml injected, it is very addicting and I will most likely continue to get my large top-ups and have beautifully pouted lips!

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