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Flawless Cosmetic - Charlotte's Experience.

Ok so this is a bit of a two-part thing, I originally wanted to post about my past experience with lip fillers first, but I am so excited about my new pout that I am literally shouting it from the roof tops!

Flawless Cosmetic aka Holly – is based pretty much as far away from Cardiff as she could be, so on Friday 27th March I took the 5 hour-long journey to get to her. I have followed Flawless Cosmetic for at least the past year, if not longer, and I don’t even need to tell you how good she is at her job because her work speaks for her ( pictures featured above are a miniscule example of her work )

In fact I have followed several people who are her competition and Holly came out on top every time – the consistency of her work along with the care she provides to her clients is above and beyond and that is so rare to find in anyone who works in the cosmetic industry.

On my journey to achieve fuller, plumper lips I have come across probably the nastiness/vilest man that I possibly could – with that said he was so unprofessional he started handing out insults because he knew what a mess he had made to my lips but more of that in part 2.

Flawless Cosmetic isn’t based in one place, it is mobile in various places dotted around the UK, but mainly Liverpool/Manchester/Birmingham/London etc. You get the jist, so you could imagine driving 5 long hours to Liverpool just for her was crazy in itself and it was worth every mile.

I was greeted with the biggest smile and felt instantly at ease, Holly took me through a few questions just to prep me and make sure I was fit enough to have the filler in my lips, she handed me a sheet with more information I could have wished for on aftercare – which showed she cares to take the time out for her clients to keep you well-informed about the procedure you have had done.

I had explained about the previous times I had filler and the various fillers used and because of the recurring issue of the filler constantly disappearing from my lips, Holly advised on Teyestol Deep Lines – 1Mil – it’s a thicker alternative to Restylane and other lip fillers. I felt confident that she knew what she was advising was the right thing for me personally. Next she applied numbing cream all over my top and bottom lip so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable whilst she did the lip procedure. We chatted about my previous experiences whilst the cream was setting and taking on her advice on what the previous practitioners should have done.

Next I laid back on the beauty couch (bed?), you know what I mean, and with no faffing or hesitation she was telling me to take a deep breath in whilst she pushed the needle into my lip. Her technique was nothing like I have ever experienced and this was probably why her success rate is so high because she is well-trained and very experienced. When I have had the procedure done before it was a very lengthy process which was very unnerving at the time, but with Flawless Cosmetic it was a breeze.

My Before Deflated, Thin, Not Lucious Lips.

Throughout the procedure Holly made sure I was ok as I am a bit of a screamer. Well - an ohh and aahh’s kinda girl, so she kept my mind off the initial injection of the needle into my lips and the rest is painless. She made sure my lips were evenly filled out and even applied a small amount into my lower lip, which I was so surprised at. Not one practitioner has suggested that I have filler injected into my lower lip, otherwise my lip will over rest on my bottom lip, I couldn’t even feel it when she was doing it here.

Throughout she massaged my lips to even out the filler too – which again I had never had done when having lip augmentation before. Once Holly was happy with my lips we took some photos of the results which you can see for yourself they are absolutely outstanding.

My Perfect After, Plump, Full, Amazing, Beautiful Pout.

She truly is a credit to the beauty/cosmetic industry. Holly talked me through aftercare again and gave me an ice pack to take with me to keep any swelling down, (I know I keep saying ‘which again’ but it’s so appropriate). I had never had this either from my other experiences.

Holly made sure I was happy with everything before I left and basically looked after me, although the procedure was quicker than the previous times I had my lips plumped she took her time and is a perfectionist. She made sure I didn’t leave unhappy or unsure of anything. These things can be so daunting but especially for me because I am so scared and hesitant that I will be left with deflated lips again. We agreed to maintain my plump lips I would see her again in a month at another one of her clinics – so I am extremely looking forward to seeing her again and seeing my lips fill out a bit more.

Flawless Cosmetic – Holly, In my opinion and from my awful and nightmare experiences has restored my faith that there aren’t people out there trying to rip you off with stuffing whatever they want into your lips and taking hundreds of pounds for a half hearted job just to leave you to it. She cares – because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing happy clients and your work speaks for itself.

I would travel the world to see her again because I know I am in the safest hands, she was honest and didn’t pressure me into anything I didn’t want to do, she was professional yet so down to earth and friendly which made me so comfortable and with needles flying around it’s the kind of atmosphere you need.

I would not only recommend Flawless Cosmetic, I would drive you to her myself, because I know she is worth every long journey. She has helped me achieve the look I have longed for, for so long. I feel so much more confident – plus I hate my nose, so having bigger lips makes my nose look smaller too - HAHA!

I have no words at how over the moon I am with the results I was able to achieve by just choosing someone that knows what she is doing and wants to help you achieve the look you want. I cannot praise Holly enough for her fabulous work that she does on her clients – she is the best in the business and I would never go to anyone else again.


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