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Lip Blush SPMU

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What is Lip Blush?

Lip Blush (also known as Lip Tattoo or Permanent Lipstick) is a professional cosmetic and aesthetic procedure that uses a machine similar to a tattoo machine to implant colour pigment (of the client’s choice) into the dermis of the lips, resulting in fuller and more defined looking lips. 

Always wanted fuller lips without having to apply lipstick throughout the day to keep them looking perfect? Semi permanent lip blush tattoo’s pigment into the top layer of skin adding beautiful colour, correcting the shape and giving the look of more volume.

What is the procedure?

First we apply a numbing cream (topical anesthetic). The colour is then lightly implanted using a tattoo tool specially designed for semi permanent makeup. The pigment is added just below the outer layer of skin, not as deep as a traditional tattoo. The art in lip blushing is layering the dots of pigment perfectly without appearing dense or dark, it requires a great level of skill for the best results.

After 2-6 weeks some clients will need a top up to add more colour. We offer a follow up appointment as part of the treatment cost. The body rejects part of the pigment so the second appointment will make sure perfect colour continuity and lip edge blending.

What will I expect after the treatment?

t’s very important to follow aftercare instructions during the first week. We supply healing balm which should be applied 2-3 times a day. Lips should not get wet which includes; swimming, sauna, sun beds, kissing & exercise. Avoid spicey, salty & citric foods. Avoid other lip filler treatments for at least 1 month.

We advise using a high SPF cream for protection and keep the colour vibrant. Exfoliation, skin peels, AHA on the treatment area all accelerate colour fade.

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