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Charlotte Crosby Talks About Flawless Cosmetic

October 30, 2017

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Inside the Booming Industry Creating 'Perfect' People

Who wants to look good when you can look Flawless? The industry of aesthetic enhancements has grown exponentially over the past decade. Today, the secret to aging in reverse and achieving that unnaturally natural look is more attainable than ever. With men now accounting for 10% of all non-surgical procedures, the expectations of our mirror self have become far-reaching. Since 1997, injectable procedures increased in popularity by an astronomical 461%; and since 2000, Botox has increased in consumption by 600%, dermal fillers by 205%, and laser skin resurfacing 198%.


Holly Spedding, CEO of the Liverpool aesthetics company Flawless Cosmetic, is intrigued by the psychology behind beauty. Starting out her young career as a law student, before switching to make-up, hairdressing and then aesthetics, this fiercely ambitious entrepreneur enjoyed watching how people's self-acceptance, confidence and communication improved in line with an enhanced appearance. After regularly subscribing to non-injectable treatments and training in numerous cosmetic procedures, she quickly penetrated the inner circles of the world's most influential aesthetic beauty tastemakers.


Spedding's ability to intrinsically understand her client's ps