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Charlotte Crosby Talks About Flawless Cosmetic

October 30, 2017

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April 10, 2018

Hi Lovelies,


Okay so, this is something I don’t think that many people know about me, but its certainly not something I ever try to hide! In fact I pretty much tell people at any opportunity!


On 22nd February 2016 I got a non surgical nose job. It took around 10 mins, and it changed my life! By no surgical nose job, I mean filler. I made the decision to book the appointment as soon as I saw the first photo advertising it, messaged the company the same day I saw it, and I was in the chair getting injected just 13 days later!




Lets start from the beginning. I never used to have a problem with my nose, it was straight, something I never even thought about. Then, on a skiing school trip I banging it pretty hard on something, it was swollen for a day or so and then it went down, but left the tiniest little bump on the bridge of my nose. A few years later I was out in Manchester, this part is pretty embarrassing and makes me sound absolutely self obsessed but if anyone says they haven’t done this, they are lying (apart from the actual injury part)! I was out with my boyfriend *at the time* and his uni friends, feeling a little self conscious as I didn’t know anyone, and after visiting the ladies I was checking my makeup on the way out, and was still side glancing at myself in the mirror as I was walking out of the bathroom (cringe but I’m sure everyone has given themselves that last check over before leaving!), and when I faced forwards again I SLAMMED into a ceiling support. We are talking a big, hard, concrete pillar that was right in front of me.


Luckily I was the only one in the toilet but I literally staggered back holding my face because it felt like my bones were all about to crumble into my skin like