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Charlotte Crosby Talks About Flawless Cosmetic

October 30, 2017

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Getting Lip Fillers...

July 31, 2017

Hey Honeys!


I’m back… again! And I am so done apologising for ghosting out on you! But as you probably already know (from all my constant online moaning) my schedule is ridiculously jam-packed at the moment.




As you can see from the title, lip fillers are on discussion. Now first of all, I just want to say, I am not encouraging getting lip fillers and altering you appearance, I am just one of these people who change things I am unhappy with. But again, I’m not saying people need them, it is just something I have wanted to do for years.


I’ve planned to do this in a step by step format for you, as there is a lot you need to consider BEFORE getting them done!


So first of all, it needs to come down to your mind-set, think about why you want them done. If it’s just for fashion and because its ‘on trend’ to have fuller lips, just forget about it and be yourself! Because you’ll probably end up regretting your decision. Or you may be someone who is insecure about them… and in that case, I know the feeling and you’ve probably already made up your mind to get them done. Personally, getting lip fillers was the biggest confidence boost I ever got! My lips naturally were uneven. My right side dropped lower than the left, on both my top and bottom lip.


Finding an artist...


I’m specifically saying ‘artist’ because you really need to research where you will be going to get them done! If you look on different social medias and websites, every ‘artist’ has their own style!


I was looking for about 3-4 months for someone, and it was quite stressful because I felt so desperate to get them done, but I wanted to go somewhere I was safe, which is really important. Where I know, they knew what they was doing, and someone who was going to be honest with me, with things like risks and what to expect in the future.


ALSO WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT! You need to know what it is you’re getting injected into your body! But keep reading and I will tell you what I know!




I came across Flawless Cosmetic a couple of times on Instagram, as they’ve done enhancements for people like Danielle Armstrong and Bobby Norris from TOWIE. When scrolling through their SM, looking at all the before and after pictures, I knew instantly that I wanted them to do my lips!


Making the appointment...


Flawless cosmetic take the bookings over the phone (messaging) or via Facebook messenger, even though all their amazing pictures are on Instagram they don’t take their bookings through DM’s. Whats amazing about Flawless, is that their artists are scattered around! They take bookings in London, Essex, Birmingham,  Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester ect.