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Charlotte Crosby Talks About Flawless Cosmetic

October 30, 2017

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Lauren Plester Talks About Lip Fillers

April 15, 2017

Before anyone reads this, I understand that not everyone will agree with getting cosmetic treatments, and I have not been sponsored in any way to promote this company. I have decided to write this post in case anyone reading this is thinking of getting lip fillers and isn't sure where to go - so this is my own personal experience.

Cosmetic treatments are such a common procedure now days, especially due to the celebrity endorsement on social media sites. I decided just after my 19th birthday that I wanted to get lip fillers. This is something that I had wanted to do for a while, but had never properly considered it until I turned 19. I started to look at various places to get them done, and what my options were in terms of the amount of filler and prices. I had seen companies who had performed these procedures on people I knew, however price was an issue in this instance and also personal preference in terms of looks. Some companies charge way over the odds, as they have celebrities who promote them, and so they feel that they can charge more. After looking around, (I admit I could have done more research, so luckily I went to a really good place), I found Flawless Cosmetics. I was very nervous about getting my first lip fillers, but I went with a close friend who kept me at ease and Frankie, who injected my lip fillers, assured me that there was nothing to worry about.

Below is my before photo. I