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The Truth About Lip Fillers


Everyone asks me if I had my lips done. Nah, I woke up like this… OF COURSE, I had my lips done, if you knew me over two years ago you would know I had tiny thin lippies.

So then that’s there, yes I did have lip fillers. Three times now, shabam.

I decided to make this post to answer the most frequently asked questions. Well I am no professional, but I can speak from my experience.

The first time I had them done was march 2016. I did 1ml back then and ever since, I have had my top ups 1 ml. Yes, I do injections. Those are hyaluronic acid injections that make your lips look bigger, fuller and more pouty. The clinic I go to is a British team of non-surgical, skin treatment specialists. They are called FLAWLESS COSMETICS and I can say with no hesitation they are by far the best lip filler clinic in UK.

Anywho, lets get to the fun part. I was excited but scared, as I beyond hate needles. This time I had the appointment with Stacey (shoutout to the babe). I went with Indi, who by now you should know she is one of my good friends. She was having her lips done for the very first time and since she is a sissy it was a real pain to have have there haha. Nah, she's cool.

First thing that greets us is Stacey herself, gorgeous, absolutely stunning lady with big smile on her face. I truly believe that a nurse’s approach towards the client is very important as they might feel a bit nervous. She was lovely and we clicked straight away. Indi grew some balls and decided to go first. Honestly I couldn’t believe how her lips changed second after second. Stacey worked real magic! And so she did on me. The shape she created was bueno. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. Exactly how I wanted, just simply perfect. I looove the feeling of freshly topped up lips.

So yeah, if you are located in the UK and think about enhancing your lippies, DON'T go anywhere else but this clinic. They are extremely professional but also create a very chilled atmosphere and their service is unbeatable. Quality of treatment like that cannot be compromised. So, now lets go with F.A.Q’s

Does it hurt?

Hell yeah it does! What are you thinking, there is a needle stabbing your flesh, how could that not hurt? hahaha. But they always put numbing cream before the treatment and they always make sure that you feel as comfortable as you can.

How much does it cost?

The price varies, but again, don’t compromise the quality for ”better price”. It also depends how many ml’s you want. But I would say it's between £150-£300 on the average.

Do you see effects straight away?

Mhm, yes, si, da, naturlich, aaaabsolutely. I promise you, the moment you look in the mirror after the treatment you will know you never wanna go back on that.

Any side affects?

Yeah, sometimes your accent changes into Arnold Schwarzeneger, but only for the first 48 hours so we're cool man. You know, those things. Ah yeah, you might get bruising and swelling but thats normal and you just gotta suck it up buttercup.

How long does it last?

4-6 month usually. I do my top ups every 4 months but that's because I was building up the size.

Is it worth it?

Yasssss baby, it indeed is. Better decision than going blonde. It adds so much to your face, ahhh I personally love it. And then when you go home and add some lip liner to it? Babe, you’re never going back, Im telling you that.

And here some pics, cause everyone likes before and after pics.

Lip injections by flawless cosmetics

And thats how it looks now with some make up on. I love ittttt. Stacey you’re dee bomb!

At the end I wanted to say, that by no means am I promoting or persuading anyone to have anything changed in their appearance, Ya’ll are hot stuff and you don’t need no lip fillers or anything else to feel like the badass princesses you are. Its completely individual whether you wanna have some things enhanced, and this post is dedicated to those who are considering it. I truly believe that the sexiest thing in a woman is confidence, and this comes from within, not your looks. But oh well, I love my bigger lips and I am extremely happy with them.

If you have any additional questions, ask away! Drop me a message or comment here and I will be with you to help.

Peace out,




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